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Circuit,breaker,automatic,2 pole,25A

Circuit,breaker,automatic,2 pole,25A

Mã sản phẩm:  2CDS252001R0254

Danh mục:MCB

Hãng sản xuất:  

Breaking Capacity=6 kA|Current Rating=25 A|Depth=75.8mm|Length=88mm|Mounting Style=DIN rail|Number of Poles=2-pin|Rated AC Voltage=440 V|Rated DC Voltage=125V|Tripping Characteristics=Type C|Width=35mm

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ABB Automatic circuit breakers_6128042_Standard Module

Automatic circuit breakers, S 200-C series, 6kA

Automatic circuit breakers, C-characteristic
One, two, three and four pin versions available
Finger and overhand-safe terminals to DIN 50 274 (VDE 0660, part 514)
Possible to connect one, several and fine wire conductors, varying conductor cross-sections possible
Application: industrial installations, large buildings, motors and florescent lamps
Universal signal contact/auxiliary switch (1 changer) under stock no. 488-6448, supplied separately

Release function: C (5 to 10 times currents nominal rating)
Pins: 1; 2; 3; 4
Current rating: 0.5 → 40 A
Voltage rating: 1-pin: 230 Vac
  Multipole: 400 Vac
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Suppression rating: 6 kA
Connection cross-section: 0.75 → 25 mm²
Protection rating: IP20
Device depth: 68 mm
Ambient temperature: -25 °C → +55 °C


DIN VDE 0641, part 11, IEC 60898,
EN 898, IEC 60947-2


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