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Sensor, optical, reflective, 762mm, 10-30V, OPB720A-30VZ

Sensor, optical, reflective, 762mm, 10-30V, OPB720A-30VZ

Mã sản phẩm:  OPB720A-30VZ

Danh mục:Cảm biến quang

Hãng sản xuất:  

Detection Range=1 → 762 mm|Detection Type=Retroreflective|Maximum DC Voltage=30V|Maximum Operating Temperature=+50°C|Minimum Operating Temperature=0°C|Optical Technology=Phototransistor|Output Type=Transistor|Sensor Style=Block|Terminal Type=Wire Lead

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Giá: Liên hệ

Long Distance Reflective Sensor

The OPB720 Series has a logical output that switches from a high level with a reflective target, to a low level with no reflective target. With the addition of hysteresis, the sensor minimises switching oscillations on the output. The sensor distance that can be achieved is very dependent on the type of material used for the target

Recognises objects as small as 2mm
Can be used in either reflective or interruptive mode
Ambient light rejection of <100k lux
TTL/CMOS compatible
Cable length: 990mm
Size: 27.94 x 8.38 x 17.15mm
Applications: conveyer-belt package recognition, personnel movement recognition, near-focus security systems, wash and soap dispensing stations and product dispensing services


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