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TYA 110/3,25,230

TYA 110/3,25,230

Mã sản phẩm:  70.00088104

Danh mục:Biến tần Schneider, ABB, Omron,..

Hãng sản xuất:  

Ambient Temperature=0 → +45°C|Current Rating=25 A|For Use With=Analogue Control|IP Rating=IP00|Overall Depth=152mm|Overall Length=110mm|Overall Width=195mm|Phase=Single Phase|Supply Voltage=230 V

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Thyristor power controller_6040510_normal module

Compact thyristor power controller

Areas of application include industrial furnace construction and plastic processing
Modular, compact design
Activation via constant input signal
Suitable actuator for industrial power control
Power unit consists of two anti-parallel thyristors, an insulated heatsink and control electronics
Voltage, current and potentiometer input
Free choice of input signal
Free choice of operating mode (phase angle or pulse group mode)
Adjustable lead angle for the first half-wave (for pulse group mode)
Mains voltage monitoring
Input signal attenuation
Soft start for phase angle mode
U² control with adjustable actual value output (U²) master-slave economy circuit
Firing pulse locking


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